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Operator Ron P. Reflects on 60-Year Career

A big congratulations to Ron P., who celebrated his 60-year service anniversary on April 1! Ron is a heavy equipment operator at our Black River Recycling and Transfer Station in Renton, WA.

Ron started at Republic Services on April 1, 1962. “My dad recruited me. He said it was a good job and he liked it. Turns out dad was right. It was and I did. Grandpa did the same work with heavy equipment. Cousins, too. It ran in the family,” Ron said. “Besides the great, steady paycheck, I liked being around with my dad at first. Then he left and I stayed.”

Ron’s first job was spotting and greasing equipment and whatever needed doing, odd jobs.  When asked about the biggest difference between then and now, Ron points to recycling. “When recycling started, I wondered if it would take hold. Now as a nation we raise our children that way and it’s a world-wide effort. It’s one way we can do a better job for our planet. We all have to try to do better.”

While Ron has seen a lot of changes over the years, he says the work is steady and his team is solid. “We’ve got to move this stuff every day, no matter what. That doesn’t change and the good people who show up are good to work with. We take care of each other.”

Ron starts his day at the landfill at 6 a.m. driving in from the city of Snohomish. So, he’s up at 3 a.m. every morning and keeps that schedule through the weekend.  Outside of work, it’s all family, all the time. Ron also enjoys movies and cooking spaghetti on occasion.

His advice to new employees just starting out is “to try it and if you like it stick around. Don’t take your job for granted. Don’t do anything to mess it up. It’s worth the ride.”

On plans to retire, he quips, ‘Not gonna retire, gonna ride this loader into the sunset like the old west cowboys on their horses.”

From all of us at Republic, we wish Ron a happy 60th anniversary. Thank you for your tremendous service and dedication to the Company. You have earned profound respect and admiration, and we honor you on your milestone anniversary and wish you all the best in the years to come

Leaders Praise Ron for Work Ethic, Safety Record

“It’s exciting and inspiring to see someone in this industry, let alone our Company, for six decades. Ron’s a true testament to hard work and dedication to a craft. We’re very proud of him and his achievement.”

– Jay O., General Manager, Seattle

“Such an amazing achievement! Ron’s loyalty and hard work has set an example for everyone in the organization. Thank you Ron for everything you have done for us all these years!”

– Noelle S., Human Resources Manager

“I have known Ron for the better part of a decade and during this time Ron never fails to amaze me with his positive and reserved demeanor.  Ron shows up to work every day with a willingness to lend a hand to co-workers and customers in a safe manner.  I am honored to have known Ron throughout this time and humbled with the opportunity to share this day with him.”

– Don T., Director of Operations

“What an inspiration to new employees like me to know that I have coworkers who have loved working here enough to make Republic Services their life-long employer!” 

– Wendy W., Municipal Sales Manager