Operations Supervisor Armando D. Lends a Helping Hand, Huntington Beach, CA

A customer in Huntington Beach recently had a stressful morning when she went to leave for work and noticed her trash container had been set on fire the night before and a giant mess had been left behind in her alley. Fast forward, and in swooped Operations Supervisor Armando D. to save the day. Read the note below from the satisfied customer:

This morning, I came out of my house to load my two children 1yr and 5yrs old into the car to head off for school, childcare drop off and into work. I came out to find my trash can had been lit on fire last night, leaving a half-demolished trash can and GIANT mess to clean up of burnt/soiled/wet trash in the middle of the alley behind my house. I strapped my restless kids into the car to keep them out of the trash pile - while I tried to hustle with gloves and a trash bag so we could get on about our day.

As I'm picking up, [Armando] drove by in a Republic Services truck and came back to help assist me. He got out his trash bag and shovel and told me he was going to help take care of it for me. He also proceeded to tell me he would personally drop off a new trash container so I wouldn't be without one for the week with my kids. I got home from my long work day with my two kids just a few hours ago to find a brand new trash can and the mess totally handled.

I want to recognize Armando and let him know how much I appreciate his time, kindness and help during a crazy morning.

Thank you, Armando for going above and beyond, and exemplifying customer zeal!