One-Week Mindful Eating Challenge

Whether you’re behind the wheel or in front of a computer, chances are you’ve snacked when you aren’t even hungry. This can be considered mindless eating – and may contribute to overeating and weight gain. Our friends at Optum have some great tools and resources to help conquer mindless eating – and give each bite of food the attention it deserves.

Next time you find yourself eating without really thinking, take a breath and practice eating more mindfully. These tips can help you get stared.

  • Take small bites and chew slowly. Finish swallowing before picking up your food again.
  • Savor your food. Use your senses. Notice how it looks and smells. Be aware of the texture of each bite and how it tastes.
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes and take the entire time for the meal.
  • Make sure to eat in a calm place. Avoid reading. Turn off the TV, computer and phone. Pay attention to what you are eating.

For additional hints for mindful eating, including a healthy recipe, click here.

Take the Mindful Eating Challenge!
The one-week Mindful Eating Challenge focuses on practicing the principles of mindful eating. Click here for a printable PDF to get started.

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