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October is Disability Employment Awareness Month

During this month, we take the time to recognize the valued contributions people living with disabilities make in the workplace. National Disability Awareness Month acknowledges, celebrates and commemorates the skills and talents of disabled workers and provides an opportunity to reinforce Republic’s commitment to building a more inclusive, diverse and accessible workplace.

At Republic Services, we are Human-Centered and respect the dignity and potential of every employee and will continue to foster a workplace where all are celebrated.

Below are some ways to create a more inclusive space when interacting with individuals with disabilities:

  • Ask before providing assistance and wait until the offer is accepted.
  • Make eye contact and speak directly to the person and not their attendant, interpreter, family member, etc.
  • Let the person establish their preferred method of communication such as lip reading, sign language, or note-writing.
  • Be sensitive and do not interrupt or finish the person’s sentence.
  • It’s OK to ask questions if you are unsure how to proceed.