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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes: Driver Randy S.

Thank you to Hollis F., General Manager Accelerated Program (GMAP), Inver Grove Heights, MN, for sharing a great story of one of our employees living our values!

Nothing is more important than safety, beginning with our employees and extending to our customers and into the communities we serve. Thank you to Driver Randy S. for being proactive with safety and watching out for others. Hollis wrote:

“Sandy called me to thank Randy from saving her from a horrible encounter. About a week ago, Sandy was walking by herself near our hauling facility when she was harassed by a man. Randy had initially passed the woman while she was walking and came back to help her when he saw the man turn down the road that he knew she was walking on alone. 

We talk about the importance of being aware and alert on the street for safety from a driving perspective, so want to recognize Randy for elevating this awareness to be alert for safety in the community we serve.  By taking a couple of extra minutes to stay with the woman, he was able to ensure her safety until the other man went away.”  

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some, like Randy, simply do the right thing at the right time and help keep others safe.