Northwest Recognizes Area Safety Champions

As a Company that has well over half of our employees on the road every day, all day, safety will always be our No. 1 priority. We diligently work to educate employees on road safety to ensure they get home safely each night. The Northwest Area is helping employees stay safe by recognizing the area’s safest drivers and asking them to share how they approach their job and safety.

Here’s a look at two of their featured safe drivers

Marty S., Boise, ID

Marty has a spotless safety record with 12 years of zero accidents or incidents. What makes Marty successful? Here are a few of Marty best practices to make every day a safe day:

  • Many drivers are intimidated to ask the right questions. They feel like others will think they are dumb for asking it. There are no stupid questions, and nobody should be afraid to ask supervisors or ask questions in a tailgate meeting.
  • Communication is really important. People don’t stop what they are doing and say what it is they need.
  • I have ownership of my route and of my safety. My customers are my customers, and my safety is up to me.

To learn more, click here to read all of Marty’s tips

Joe O., St. George, UT

Joe has been with Republic for 3 years and has never had an incident of any kind. Joe’s safety best practices include:

  • Spend some time with maintenance when going through the BTWI program, this will help when you have an issue with your truck.
  • Use 0,3,2,1 all the time, it will save you from having a backing incident.
  • Talk to other drivers about risky stops, let your supervisor know what stops are risky and work on resolving to make safer.
  • Knowing that your supervisors and management team care makes it easier to be engaged.

To learn more, click here to read all of Joe’s tips.

Stay tuned as we feature more Northwest Area Safety Champions and celebrate safety successes. If you have a Safety Champion in your area that you’d like to recognize, let us know at