Nominate a Veteran for Industry-wide Recognition!

Do you work with a veteran who makes a special contribution to the waste and recycling industry or to your team?

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) will be recognizing veterans who work in our industry and we need your help! We know that there are many veterans who are outstanding contributors to the Company and industry as a whole. Help us honor those who served our country who now serve our company, customers and industry with the same dedication, honor and pride.

To nominate a deserving veteran to be considered for recognition by the NWRA, please email the information below to Please get their permission to do so.

  • Veteran’s Name
  • Position at Republic
  • Years with the Company
  • Awards or recognitions within the industry
  • Branch of service, rank and service dates
  • Other information that highlights the best qualities of the nominee
  • Pictures
  • Mailing address

All nominations must be received by September 25, 2020.One veteran will be recognized per company by the NWRA. However, all veterans nominated will be honored on Blue Nation Online on Veteran’s Day and will receive a special thank you from V.A.L.O.R., our employee-led Business Resource Group for veterans and supporters.