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New Facility Helping Turn Food Waste Into Renewable Energy

Republic Services recently cut the ribbon on a new organics pre-processing operation at our Elder Creek Transfer Station in Sacramento, CA.

Republic’s new site accepts food waste collected from businesses in Sacramento County. The operation removes contamination such as plastic bags and produces clean organic material that is delivered to an anaerobic digestion facility. This facility converts the organic material into renewable energy that is used to power the facility, and, ultimately, could be sold to the public utility grid.

We continue to invest in organics infrastructure, especially in California, where a new law took effect on January 1, 2022, requiring most homes and businesses to begin recycling their food and yard waste.

“Republic Services is proud to offer solutions to support California’s climate goals and the effort to recycle food waste,” said Area President Mike Caprio. “As one of the largest recyclers and composters in the state, we continue to invest in infrastructure that will help our customers reduce their impact and provide a circular solution.”

Republic Services was named 2020 Organics Recycler of the Year by the National Waste & Recycling Association, a recognition of the Company’s innovation and leadership. Organics recycling directly supports Republic’s sustainability goal to increase recovery and circularity of key materials from the waste stream by 40% by 2030. To learn more about Republic’s sustainability platform, visit


This is Republic’s 3rd organics pre-processing operation, all of which are in California.

The new Sacramento facility is capable of processing 40,000 pounds of food waste per hour.

Republic owns and operates 12 composting facilities  across the country.

In 2020, Republic processed more than 2.15 billion pounds of food and yard waste, a 20 percent increase over 2019.