New Employee Social Playbook

We are proud of our people and the work they do. As a Republic Services employee, you play an important role in building our brand, which is highlighted when the Company shares stories about all of the great work we do in the community every day. To better coordinate our efforts so everyone understands the core social strategy and how we represent the brand, our marketing team has developed an Employee Social Playbook with information and best practices for specific platforms.

You’ll find important information about LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. Specifically, the Employee Social Playbook includes the following sections:

Social Do’s & Don’ts – Best practices that may be helpful if you choose to post about Republic Services on social media.

Social 101 – The skinny on each social media channel and how each one can be used to share stories, engage, and amplify our brand messages.

Social Lingo – A glossary of the most common used terms on social media.

The Employee Social Playbook is available in English and Spanish for you to download. If you have any questions, please contact

As a reminder, using social media to spotlight your own activities and involvement in the community outside of work is completely voluntary and not compensable “work.” Be sure to follow the law, company policy, and the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct any time you post about Republic Services.