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New Employee Referral Program Coming Soon!

Our team is made up of 36,000 guardians of the environment, striving to make the planet a better place. Each of us leads by example through a variety of innovative ways. Whether it’s through our outstanding customer service or personifying our new values, we know what is needed to create a more sustainable world. This is why we are calling on you to help us expand our diverse team.

Starting March 1, we’re launching our new Employee Referral Program that helps us hire superior and diverse talent and helps you earn upwards of $750.00 for each new hire. Additionally, each successful referral will grant you eligibility towards an annual prize drawing of an estimated value of $5,000.

Located in a user-friendly Workday functionality, all regular full-time employees with an active status may submit referrals. Once referred, employees can then track referrals, stay informed on new vacancies, and manage incentive payments.

There are a few exclusions to this new program, any Director/GM level and above, HR Personnel, employees involved in the interview process, and employees in the direct reporting chain of the position are ineligible for cash and prizes. However, while ineligible to receive incentives, they are still able to refer new talent.

Please continue to monitor Blue Nation Online, Workday, and Inside Republic for more information on our new Referral Program.