New Committed to Serve Facebook Photo Frame!

When you’re a part of something great, you want to share the news! Last month, our Company launched Committed to Serve – a $20 million initiative to keep our employees, customers and communities thriving. Together, we can let our friends and families know how proud we are to be a part of Committed to Serve!

To make it easy to spread the word, we’ve created a fun Facebook photo frame for you to add to your profile pictures!

Who can use the Committed to Serve Facebook Frame?

Everyone! It is available for all Facebook users (entirely optional, of course).

How do I add the Committed to Serve Facebook Frame to my profile pic?

  1. Click Update Profile Photo or go here:
  2. Search Committed to Serve or Republic Services
  3. Adjust photo and click “Use As Profile Photo” – you can also set a time period for the frame use (day, week, month)

How long will the Committed to Serve Facebook Frame be live?

The Facebook Frame will be live through the end of May (possibly longer)

P.S. A big shout out to Renee D., Shop Clerk, and Stacey D., Operations Support Specialist, in Wilmington, DE, for suggesting the idea of a Facebook photo frame! If you have ideas or questions for our social media team, email

To learn more about Committed to Serve, click here.