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National Accounts Superstars Master Customer Zeal

At Republic Services, the National Accounts team plays a critical role in ensuring large-scale customers are provided with an excellent customer experience.  Leaders of the National Accounts team recently highlighted four star employees that exude Customer Zeal and who Own Their Role in all aspects of their work.

Jamey M.
Customer Service Representative

“Jamey takes pride in her work and always finds a way to overcome obstacles that our customers might be having.  She will always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are taken care of all while providing professionalism and Customer Zeal, and is always willing to assist her team when in need, even if it’s just boosting team morale.  She will assist in training when needed and is consistently meeting her metrics.”
Tama L., National Account Supervisor

Matt R.
Customer Service Specialist

“Matt has played a vital role within our customer service team.  During his first year, he worked hard on his performance and was one of the few CSRs selected to support Walmart exclusively. His resilience has helped him build great rapport with his customer. He exhausts all resources to ensure his customer is taken care of.”
David C., National Accounts Supervisor

Cam S.
Customer Service Specialist

“Cam is a great example of how having a great attitude and willingness to help others, including the customer, has a positive and lasting impact! He takes pride in his work and makes sure that every customer is handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Follow-up is an area where Cam shines! There is never a doubt that the customer will be provided all the details that they need to walk away from their experience with Republic in a positive light.”
Amy G., National Account Supervisor

Brenda V.
Customer Service Consultant

“Brenda has conquered the consultant role with ease in a matter of four months. She confidently provides our customers with first-call resolution on every call. She is relentless and doesn’t take no for an answer when handling her escalations.”
Samantha G., National Accounts Supervisor

Talk about Customer Zeal in Action!  Thanks for all you do, team!