Mod Squad: Driving Core Systems Modernization Forward

The first wave of our Core Systems Modernization Program is scheduled to go live in February 2022. It goes without saying that getting impacted teams ready for this change is one of the most important factors for success. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our “Modernization Squad” (or Mod Squad for short).

“The Mod Squad was formed to provide an essential connection point between the program and the impacted teams to drive adoption through communication, engagement, impact assessment and reinforce support” said Gretchen Lowery, Director of Business Transformation & Organizational Change Management.

The Mod Squad, with representatives from HQ, Field Finance and Field Operations, will serve as champions for the Core System Modernization Program. As liaisons between program teams and employees, the Mod Squad will help ensure that everyone is informed of the implementation’s goals and progress, as well as gather feedback as we roll out the new program.

The Mod Squad  will:

  • Receive early awareness of what’s changing and what to expect
  • Execute monthly action plans to help us drive adoption
  • Engage with peers to build awareness and understanding
  • Provide feedback to the Core Systems Modernization Program team

To meet the Mod Squad – and reach out if you have questions – visit the Core Systems Modernization Program SharePoint site for a list of Mod Squad Champions and Specialists by Area.