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Mid-Atlantic CRC Leaders Recognize Q1 Customer Zeal “Zealmates”

“Customer Zeal is a focus for the Mid-Atlantic CRC team and we are wrapping up the quarter recognizing agents who have been amazing teammates in our quest for excellent Customer Zeal that impacts both our internal and external customers,” said Demario N., CRC Area Manager.

Congratulations to the following “Zealmates!”

Hillary H., Inside Sales Consultant 

Hillary continues to exude Customer Zeal on her calls. She shares her knowledge with the team as a high performing agent. She is a team player and has such a positive attitude no matter the situation. She was recently selected by the Company to participate in a Customer Zeal discussion posted on the Customer Zeal SharePoint site here.

Rosie W., Premier Advisor

Rosie is a Premier Advisor who has demonstrated on many occasions what it takes to be successful in her role. She does not hesitate to help her peers with questions. Rosie has a spirit of Customer Zeal – always ensuring that the needs of the customer are met. Her leaders are appreciative of the role that Rosie plays within the team. She exemplifies the values of Republic Services.

Amina M., Inside Sales Consultant

Amina is very driven, passionate and a true leader.  Amina admits that she is generally shy, so it is admirable to see her come out of her shell to assist her teammates. She also has a great rapport with her customers. Great Job Amina!

Christine E., Customer Resource Specialist

Christie is a true definition of being a well-rounded representative. From her daily performance on the phone with the customers, to her positive energy in the chat and amongst her colleagues, she has also continued to perform on a high level. Her focus to exceed CRC NPS goals allows for our team to assist with the overall NPS within Mid Atlantic.

David V., Customer Resource Specialist

Dave has been with the Company over 20 years. He is one of our top performers on the team especially when it comes to his survey count. He shares his knowledge and best practices to assist our newer agents. Dave is very consistent with receiving compliments from our customers on his calls. Within the first quarter, he received over 20 compliments. He continues to demonstrate Customer Zeal and makes sure that our customers’ needs are satisfied by the end of each call.

Way to go, team!