Message from the Office of Inclusion & Diversity

While our employees have been working in new and different ways over the last few weeks, The Power of Us and the resiliency of our employees has never been stronger. And though the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has brought many challenges, we see great reason for optimism across our Company.

Inclusion – making people feel welcome and respected within a group – has truly become a natural part of the way we work.

The core of inclusion is very basic: caring. Throughout the course of this pandemic, our employees and leaders have gone beyond the day to day tasks of their jobs to take care of one another, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other characteristics that define us. This is what inclusion is all about, and we are proud to see our employees and leaders take inclusion at our Company to a whole new level.

People have connected in new ways, using new technology and resources to keep their teams working together, even while some employees work remotely. Through these processes we have shared and learned new things about one another, getting glimpses of each other’s families, homes and lives outside of work.

You have demonstrated what compassion and true humanity looks like through the Committed to Serve initiative by providing meals for employees and their families, supporting our local businesses, taking care of each other, and operating in a manner of trust and transparency.

While we can expect things to continue to change in the next few weeks, we ask you to:

  1. Continue to care for one another
  2. Continue to support each other
  3. Continue to showcase humanity
  4. Continue to demonstrate what an inclusive culture looks like at Republic Services

Thank you for showing up and caring for one another, our customers, and the communities we serve.

Koran H.

Director, Inclusion and Diversity