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Message from Jon Vander Ark: Thank you for being Committed to Serve!

Republic Team –

Looking back on the year, I’m extremely proud of not only what we’ve done, but how we’ve done it. The company has had a great year, and our success is a direct result of your commitment to Republic, our customers and our values. You have demonstrated what it means to be Safe, Committed to Serve, Environmentally Responsible, Driven and Human-Centered, helping us deliver results in the right way.

To express our thanks, we are giving a $500 Committed to Serve Award to every frontline employee on the November 11 paycheck. You will receive the $500 through direct deposit (or check for those without direct deposit).

Committed to Serve means going above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. That’s what you do every day, by owning your role in Customer Zeal and creating a great customer experience.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, and for always being Committed to Serve.