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Mental Health Awareness Month: Your Mental State

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a good time to pause and tune into your own mental state.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with mental health, below are some techniques that could help:

  • Talk to someone. Speak with your leaders or HR partner, and they can direct you to external resources if you need.
  • Take time. Spend some time away from your regular routine to reflect and rest. Take time off to rest your mind and your body.
  • Focus on your goals, what you can control and what you can do to navigate situations that you are in.
  • Seek help. Mental health challenges can often require professional help – ask for help and support so you are cared for.

There can be a stigma associated with mental health in certain cultures and environments – and it can be a difficult topic to talk about amongst family, friends and colleagues. That is why in the next few weeks, we will be scheduling our next Let’s Talk session on the topic of mental health. We hope you join us in that conversation.

For more information on mental health and support resources, please click here.