Meet Republic Rockstar Rigobert S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Republic Rockstars positively impact the community they serve and go out of their way to brighten someone’s day. We’re thrilled to recognize Driver Rigobert S. as a Republic Rockstar for providing outstanding service that has not gone unnoticed!

In Rigobert’s community in South Florida, he has made a friend on his route named Lana. Recently, Rigobert brightened 2-year-old Lana’s day with a gift bag filled with Republic swag, including a miniature rolling trash bin, which she loves. Lana’s mom took the time to write to Republic to tell us what Rigobert’s kindness has meant to the family, especially during the isolation of the pandemic. Here is an excerpt from this letter:

“We wanted to take a few minutes to share our appreciation for Rigobert and the way he performs his job. He brings sunshine to our Tuesdays and Fridays as he goes about his work of removing our trash. When Rigobert turns his truck onto our street, he will look for Lana and give her a friendly wave; sometimes even a few beeps! She will watch his truck with awe and wonder as the arm reaches out and picks up each bin.

When he gets to our trash bin, Rigobert will slow down to say hi to Lana, giving her a warm smile, pointing out features of the truck and offering her a look at the lights and buttons from a safe distance. Then, he will dump our trash and head off down the road, sharing a few more beeps and honks as he departs. Lana will yell, ‘Bye, Rigobert!’ and wave until the truck rounds the corner, her Day Officially Made.

We wanted to share this with you because, you know, Rigobert doesn’t have to do all of that. He does it because he is a kindhearted, genuine, caring person who enjoys making a little girl happy. It only takes a few seconds, but it goes such a long way! Simple acts of kindness really do mean so much!”


We had a few questions to get to know Rigobert a little better – check out his responses below.

Q How long have you worked at Republic?
A 12 years.

Q What do you like most about your job?
A I love the City of the Weston and the residents. I also feel proud to work for Republic services for 12 years.

Q If you weren’t a Driver, what would be your dream job?

Q What do you like to do in your free time?
Spend time with family and go to church.