Mechanic Wayde L. Is Paying it Forward in Santee, CA

Republic Rockstars positively impact the community they serve and go out of their way to brighten someone’s day. This week, we’d like to recognize Heavy Equipment Mechanic Wayde L. for giving back to his community in a big way.

Wayde has been with the company for 22 years. During this time, he has accumulated thousands of DTS (Dedicated to Safety) reward points. DTS points are awarded to employees for outstanding safety, attendance and customer service. Employees can redeem their DTS points for big-ticket items, such as computers, grills, HD TVs, etc.

Wayde recently redeemed nearly 4,000 points for 10 computers that he plans to donate to his old high school in Littlefork, MN. “I’ve been blessed in my life and saw this as an opportunity to invest in our future through education,” Wayde said.

Thank you, Wayde, for your generosity and making a difference in students’ lives. As our Republic Rockstar of the week, we had a few questions to get to know Wayde a little better – check out his responses below.

Here are a few “Get to Know Me” questions for Wayde – our Republic Rockstar of the week!

Q How do you put safety first at work?
A Safety is at the forefront of every decision I make both in my personal and professional life. I truly believe it is a lifestyle.

Q What do you like most about your job?
A Everyday there’s a different set of challenges to take on and overcome.

Q What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about your job
A Most people wouldn’t know how fluid the situation is while maintaining equipment at the landfill. My priorities change hour to hour depending on what piece of equipment goes down or is needed most at that moment in order to maintain the operation.

Q What do you like to do in your free time?
A My wife and I like to travel to different places in or around San Diego to find new places to eat.

Q What’s your favorite food/sports team/or movie?
A Favorite food is anything Italian. Favorite sports team is Minnesota Vikings and my favorite movie is Uncle Buck with John Candy.

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