Living Our Values

Hello Team:

I trust everyone received their ethical decision-making wallet card in the mail and will keep it handy as a reminder of the importance of ethics and doing the right thing when making on-the-job decisions. Your decision-making should always be guided by Republic’s core values.

Our values shape Republic’s culture and demonstrate the behaviors that support our commitment to ethical excellence.  Our values are not just words on a page. We must live them daily. By living Republic’s values, we are doing our part for long-term success in maintaining our highly ethical and compliant culture.

Examples of how you demonstrate living our core values include:

  • Doing your part to keep the Republic workplace an inclusive, diverse and respectful environment
  • Being accountable for your own conduct
  • Making ethical decisions and thinking before you act
  • Seeking guidance, raising concerns and reporting any observed or suspected misconduct
  • Cooperating with investigations
  • Completing all required training on-time and understanding your compliance responsibilities

And, if you are a Republic leader, you have additional responsibilities and must be resourceful when promoting the following:

  • Set the tone by promoting our values and Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (Code), encouraging ethical decision-making, responding to employee concerns, and ensuring that all employees timely complete their training and other compliance requirements
  • Model ethical behavior by demonstrating integrity, being inclusive, treating others with respect, and ensuring employees are not pressured to compromise Republic’s policies or the law
  • Foster an ethical culture where employees feel comfortable to speak up, ask questions, and report behavior inconsistent with our values and Code, without fear of retaliation

By living our values and making them part of everything we do, we create a culture in which people act as a team, working together toward common goals. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our shared values and ethical conduct which are vital to our continued business success.

Always feel free to reach out to me for any ethics-related issue at

Thank you for doing your part!

If you didn’t receive your wallet card in the mail, please request one from your supervisor, HR partner or email