Let’s Move More This Summer

Whether it’s in a truck or at a computer, many of our jobs require a great deal of time sitting.

However, sitting for too long means that we’re likely to burn fewer calories and exercise our muscles less frequently, leading to possible weight gain and loss of muscle mass, and our bones may even weaken. The good news is even small amounts of activity throughout the day can help. Below are a few ways to add a little movement to your day:

  • Fit in physical activity (of any kind) before or after work.
  • Park your vehicle further away from buildings when going to the store.
  • Take a mid-day lunch break and get active.
  • While watching TV, stand up and do stretches or squats during the commercials.
  • If you’re at a computer, try working standing up for part of the day.

Click here to download the Move More 5-Day Workout Challenge – and invite your family to join in the fun and get moving!

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Did you know that spending over eight hours a day sitting can almost double your risk of developing type 2 diabetes? Break up your day by standing, stretching and taking short walks.