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Let the Games Begin! Win Republic Gear!

Who doesn’t love a game? This year, we are going to have some fun on Blue Nation Online with more games, contests – and best of all, prizes – than ever before! Everyone is invited to join in on the fun! So, let’s get the ball rolling with a sustainability trivia contest.

Sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do. Through landfill and fleet innovation, recycling and circularity of key materials, and renewable energy production, our environmentally responsible operations increase efficiency and help our customers meet their goals for a more sustainable world.

Test your knowledge of how Republic Services is working to make the planet a better place today and for future generations! Complete the sustainability trivia contest form below for a chance to win limited edition Republic Services merch! The contest ends January 28, 2022. Good luck!

Welcome to the Sustainability Trivia Contest!
Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to your Welcome to the Sustainability Trivia Contest! Let’s Get Started!

How many composting facilities does Republic own and operate across the country?

Republic Services does not export plastics overseas.

In October 2021, Republic opened its first fully solar-powered compost facility in what state?

In what year did Republic’s first electric collection truck pilot begin?