Leadership Matters

Hello Team:

Today’s topic for Ethics Awareness Week is “Leadership Matters.” Ethics and leadership go hand in hand. This message is not only for managers and supervisors – all employees, regardless of your role, can demonstrate ethical leadership. You can do this by supporting our commitment to ethical excellence and setting an example for your other team members to follow.

Even if you’re not a manager or a supervisor, you can demonstrate ethical leadership by doing the following:

  • Doing your part to keep the Republic workplace an inclusive, diverse and respectful environment;
  • Being accountable for your own conduct;
  • Making ethical decisions and thinking before you act; and
  • Completing all required training on time and understanding your compliance responsibilities.

Your manager or supervisor should be talking to you about these expected behaviors and encouraging you to communicate openly and ask questions.

Another way you can demonstrate ethical leadership is by speaking up when you see or suspect unethical behavior or inappropriate conduct. It is important that you report it immediately so action can be taken. You can voice your concerns to your immediate supervisor, any other member of management, Human Resources, Legal, or the Ethics & Compliance team at EthicsandCompliance@RepublicServices.com. You can also raise concerns by contacting the confidential AWARE Line.

And remember, the Company does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises a concern. Retaliation means that an employee is subjected to a negative consequence for reporting a concern or participating in an investigation. Anyone who retaliates or attempts to retaliate will be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Let’s make sure that we always have a positive workplace that values teamwork, trust and integrity. Thank you for doing your part!

Always feel free to reach out to me for any ethics-related issue at AskEthicalEthel@RepublicServices.com.