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Las Vegas Drivers Go Above the Call of Duty

Building owner Michael S. couldn’t resist giving a shout out to drivers Jorge L. and Cesar P. for helping him when he needed it most. Both drivers helped Michael with a bulk pick up on his property when a previous tenant dumped a bunch of garbage at the curb.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter Michael wrote to commend our drivers for going above and beyond to solve the problem at hand:

“I am extremely grateful to Jorge and Cesar for their professionalism. Because of Jorge and Cesar, the problem was solved, and the neighborhood did not have to live with the impending disaster. (With the snow and rain, the garbage pile was acting like a dam for the large amount of water running through the gutter.)”

Way to go, Jorge and Cesar, for jumping in and doing what it takes to help a customer. This is a great example of Customer Zeal in Action!