Know Your Responsibilities


Republic’s Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) is a key source for information needed to perform your job ethically.  As a Republic employee, it is your personal responsibility to understand and comply with the policies that apply to your job and the decisions you make. We hold ourselves accountable for being aware of and following the rules that apply to the work we do.

Our policies are online for easy access so that you can stay updated on any new policies and changes to existing policies.  If you do not have computer access, contact your supervisor or HR partner to obtain or discuss specific policies.  You also can reach out to me at

We recently revised two key policies:  Gifts, Entertainment and Other Benefits (“Gifts Policy”) and Travel and Reimbursable Business Expenses (“T&E Policy”). If these policies apply to your job, please take the time to read the updated policies so you have a clear understanding of the rules and expectations.  I want to take this opportunity to respond to a few questions raised by team members relating to these updated policies.

Where can I find Republic's policies?

Go to the Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) site on Inside Republic Services.

Q:  Can gift cards be purchased with the Company’s T&E card?

A:  No, it’s a violation of the T&E Policy. In fact, the revised Gifts Policy discourages the use of gift cards and exceptions are limited to special Company-wide events and other unique situations that require advanced written approval by certain Corporate executive officers. Any approved gift cards issued under this exception must be inputted into Workday and reported on the employee’s year-end Form W-2.

Q:  Can gift cards be purchased with the Company’s P-card?

A:  Yes, but only for a few exceptions. The revised Gifts Policy allows for the purchase of a gift card of up to $10 for the purpose of recognizing an employee’s birthday. These birthday gift cards are intended to support community restaurants and businesses. In addition to employee birthday gift cards, the Company allows for the purchase of gift cards for SOS/Blue Crew drivers to pay for gas and other essentials while traveling.  Both the birthday gift cards and the SOS/Blue Crew gift cards must be processed through the e-Pro system (not Workday) and are not taxable to the employee.

Q:  Since gift cards are discouraged, is there a way to recognize employees whose performance on an assignment or project goes above and beyond their normal responsibilities? 

A:  Yes, the revised Gifts Policy provides for Employee Recognition awards, which are a one-time cash award of up to $100. These awards must be inputted into Workday as a “One-Time Payment” and reported on the employee’s year-end Form W-2. Refer to the Gifts Policy for eligibility and other requirements. Gift cards are no longer available under the former Treasury Gift Card Program.

Q:  Can we solicit gifts from vendors?

A:  In general, no. However, employees may occasionally ask vendors for gifts as prizes associated with local safety banquets. These gifts or prizes must be of nominal value ($100 or less) from the same vendor and pre-approved in writing by the BU Finance Manager or designee. Never accept cash or cash equivalents such as gift cards. Solicitation from vendors for Company elite events (such as local and national ROAD-EO events) is acceptable if pre-approved in writing by certain Corporate executive officers.

Q:  A vendor offered me tickets to a concert that he can’t attend – can I take them?

A:  No. Even if the value of the tickets falls within our Gifts Policy, the event doesn’t offer an opportunity to develop Republic’s business relationship with the vendor or his company since he will not be attending with you.  Plus, offers of gifts must be presented on an equal basis to all employees at a specific level.

Q:  I received a gift from a customer that I know I can’t accept – what should I do?

A:  Report it immediately to your Fiscal Manager and return it to the customer with a letter politely explaining our policy.

Know your responsibilities and speak up if you see or are asked to do something you think may be illegal or against Republic’s policies.  Thank you for doing your part!