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King of Prussia Recycling Center First in Safety

A big congratulations to the King of Prussia Recycling Center for being the safest Recycle Center in Area 9 for Q1 2022. The team recently celebrated with a BBQ lunch served by the leadership team in appreciation for their outstanding safety record.

Thanks to Operations Manager Charles N. for providing a few insights into creating a safe workplace.

Q: How do you promote a safety culture in your facility?

A: Better communication with employees. Letting employees take ownership of their roles

Q: What changes have you made to make sure your workers are safe?

A: We have been more engaged with our employees on a 1:1 basis and constantly reminding them that safety is the top priority.

Q: How do you communicate safety messages in your facility?

A: We communicate each month’s Focus Together safety messages through tool talks, monthly safety meetings and one-on-one with employees.

Q: What’s your #1 safety tip?

A: Always be aware of your surroundings, you never know when something will happen. Don’t be complacent.