Join Unidos (United) today!

We’ve officially launched Unidos (United), a business resource group (BRG) that supports Republic’s community of Latinx employees. This BRG is designed to inspire inclusion and cross-cultural engagement in our organization, where members can authentically connect, grow, advance and showcase their personal and professional journeys.

Unidos offers you the chance to develop skills and knowledge for professional growth, increase cultural awareness, participate in mentorship and growth opportunities, and help advance the recruitment and retention of Latinx employees. The group also offers you the opportunity to network and build strong connections with your colleagues.

Want to hear more? Watch this video below at your leisure.
This video includes a promotional intro (one minute) following by interviews with Brian D. (two minutes) on why he wanted to be the Unidos executive sponsor and Mike C. (three minutes) on why allyship is important to him as a leader as well as a panel discussion (25 minutes) discussing Unidos’ mission, vision and strategy.

  • How did Unidos get its name?
    The name inspires a message of unity, inclusiveness and cross-cultural engagement. The more we understand each other, the more we are able to help each other grow and develop within and outside the organization.
  • What is the significance of the colors in the Unidos Logo?
    Our commitment to environmental stewardship was top of mind when selecting the logo colors. And, the colors represent the biodiversity of our many countries linked together. The words Unidos and United mirror each other. We also mirror each other, even though we may not look the same or speak the same language.
  • What is the Unidos Vision?
    Our vision is to inspire cross-cultural engagement and inclusion where we can authentically connect, grow and advance at all levels of the organization, and to showcase our journeys along the way. We want to bring our best selves to a work environment that appreciates our culture, our heritage and understands how to best set each of us up for success.

Join Unidos today!

Join Unidos through our online platform, Diverst, and interact with employees throughout the Company. The group will use this platform to share news, projects, development opportunities and more with members.

Follow the steps below to become a member of Unidos:

  1. Go to MyApps and login with your network username and password if necessary (Please open in Chrome)
  2. Click on RSG-Diverst
  3. Or visit Workday, select Key External Links, then select Diverst

  4. Fill out the brief form and create your account
  5. From the Diverst landing page (you will see six employee faces at the top), select BRGs in the top menu
  6. Select Unidos, scroll down, and click Join this BRG on the right (blue button)

If you have any questions about the Unidos, please email