Join the Black Employee Network Today!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially launched the Black Employee Network, a business resource group that supports Republic’s community of black employees. This group promotes cultural awareness to support a more inclusive workplace and encourages employees of all backgrounds to join.

The Black Employee Network offers you the chance to develop skills and knowledge for professional growth, increase your cultural awareness, participate in mentorship and leadership opportunities, and help advance the recruitment and retention of talented black employees. The group also offers you the opportunity to network and build strong connections with your colleagues.

You can join the Black Employee Network through our online platform, Diverst, and interact with employees from throughout the Company. The group will use this platform to share news, projects, development opportunities and more with members.

We encourage you to join the Black Employee Network today!

To become a member of the Black Employee Network, complete each step below. It’s simple and just takes a minute!

  1. Go to MyApps and login with your network username and password if necessary (Please open in Chrome)
  2. Click on RSG-Diverst
  3. Fill out the brief form and create your account
  4. From the Diverst landing page (you will see six employee faces at the top), select BRGs in the top menu
  5. Select Black Employee Network, scroll down, and click Join this BRG on the right (blue button)

If you have any questions about the Black Employee Network, please email