Javier C.: From COVID-19 Patient to Lifesaver

When American Red Cross issued an urgent request for plasma from fully recovered Covid-19 patients, Javier C. jumped into action. Javier, a Maintenance Manager in Fresno, California, immediately started to donate his plasma (known as Convalescence plasma). Convalescence plasma contains antibodies that can assist others in their recovery.

“Javier has worked for Republic Services for over 10 years and is appreciated by his teammates for the hard work and generous support he shows to them every day. It has been no surprise to see Javier’s generosity extend beyond his Republic Services family. Javier has been humbled by this whole experience and vows to continue his donations as long as they are needed,” said Steve M., Municipal Sales Manager.

To find out how you can give Plasma, visit the American Red Cross.

We’re so proud of Javier for his actions to help COVID-19 patents! As a reminder, we can all help prevent the spread by keeping this guidance in mind:

• Practice social distancing with those who don’t live in your household
• Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water
• Consider wearing a protective mask in public
• Avoid large crowds whenever possible
• Stay home if you’re feeling unwell