Introducing Brand New Comic Strip

Earlier this year, we introduced a new Employee Self-Service Center (ESC) site for HR and IT support. As a fun way to get to know all of the great features of ESC and the IT team that developed the site, we’re excited to introduce a new monthly comic strip to our Blue Nation Online readers!

The comic strip is about the real-life IT team and their mascot, Javascript. Follow the characters as they teach us a thing or two about the benefits of ESC, and why we should be using it. The team is also excited to share some exciting enhancements to the site in the coming months. So, without further adieu, we hope you enjoy this new comic strip, and follow along with us on the adventures that lie ahead!

Visit the Employee Self-Service Center today at
Also, click here for a quick guide to navigating the site.

Meet the Team

Mark P.

Manager of IT Service Management
Mark leads this mighty team and is the IT owner of ServiceNow and ESC. His goal for the platform is to enable all employees to have easy access to the tools and knowledge required to thrive in their role. Fun facts: Mark enjoys taking annual road trips with his wife and two children and is a gamer of all types: board, card, puzzle, tabletop, and video games!

Sarah D.

ServiceNow Administrator
Sarah spent five years answering Service Desk calls. Now, she’s a contributor to the ongoing development of ESC. Fun facts: Sarah used to do stand-up comedy and now, in her free time, she likes jigsaw puzzles and trying the spiciest foods possible.

Kyle B.

ServiceNow Developer
You’re sure to find Kyle in his signature jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes as he is hard at work developing the Virtual Assistant (chatbot) that is coming soon to ESC. In order of importance, Kyle recently became a father, loves playing video games and is a football fan.

Felipe F.

ServiceNow Administrator
Felipe created the vast majority of the HR catalog items that appear on ESC. Fun facts: Felipe admits to having more photos of his dogs than his wife in his photo library. Oh, and he loves free food in the breakroom (when we aren’t working from home)!

Anthony B.

ServiceNow Web Content Developer
Anthony helped design the ESC home page and many of the widgets. Currently, he’s working like a mad scientist in his lab to bring the ESC experience to mobile phones – stay tuned for this new feature! When not at his computer, he’s putting his brain to the test by attempting to learn Japanese. He also loves spending time outdoors with his wife and two dogs.

Sarah B.

ServiceNow Developer
Sarah’s specialty is the design and development within the ServiceNow platform. She brings years of experience to the table and is affectionally known as the team’s Captain Marvel for the awesomeness of her expertise. Sarah enjoys spending time with her adorable dogs, Javascript and Jellyscript. In her free time, she likes to design and build real-life things out of Legos.