Celebrating Women’s History Month, Week 2

As we continue our celebration of Women’s History Month, this week we’re featuring Amy T. from the Learning and Development team.

Amy has a fascinating career path, enlisting in the Navy 21 years ago as a Russian linguist. Following her military service, Amy joined Republic in 2016 and now serves as our senior manager of learning solutions. In this role, she and her team develop and design learning modules to help employees acquire the skills they need to be successful.

Amy’s most significant and rewarding project to date is her involvement in the development strategy of Republic’s second business resource group, V.A.L.O.R., which supports our community of veterans.

“The education portion of V.A.L.O.R. was inspired by the military’s sponsor program, where service members transitioning to a new duty station are assigned a sponsor who helps them learn what life is like at their new home base. It’s so exciting to see the connection. People are ready and wanting to support the military veteran community across the organization,” said Amy. “I'm excited about the groundwork that we have in place, and the sense of commitment to getting it right and making it something that is lasting and durable and expansive throughout the company.”

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If you’re interested in learning more about V.A.L.O.R., email VALOR@RepublicServices.com.