Important message from Jon Vander Ark: Coronavirus Update 2

Republic Team,

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to lead the headlines around the world, I wanted to take a moment to provide an update as well as reinforce the steps we are taking as an organization to help keep our employees healthy and safe.

Overall, our collective focus is on preparation and prevention, not panic. We have strong business continuity plans in place to help us protect our employees and quickly respond to any situation that may impact our people, assets or operations.

We are an essential service. The customers and communities we serve rely on us to keep their homes and businesses clean. We have done an outstanding job of serving our customers during this time while taking the appropriate preventative measures.

As we move forward, it is critical to follow the experts and facts. According to the CDC:

  • The risk of contracting the coronavirus in the U.S. is low.
  • Contracting coronavirus is less likely and less severe than contracting the seasonal flu, particularly for healthy adults.
  • The most effective way to prevent coronavirus is frequent hand-washing, sanitizing workspaces, and avoiding contact with people who are sick.
  • There’s no reason to cancel personal or business travel and events within the U.S.

We are consulting with experts and updating our perspective daily as new information becomes available. Our number one priority is safety, and that is at the forefront of every decision we make.

It’s understandable to be worried by what we are seeing on the news. Uncertainty about the coronavirus has created significant volatility in the stock market and commodity markets. It is important we remain calm, get our information from trusted sources, and focus on science-based facts on the situation. While the CDC’s guidance may change at any time, it’s our responsibility to follow best practices, make informed decisions and be agile to evolving business and customer needs.

We are very fortunate to work in a stable industry. We operate the business for the long term, and we do not overreact to sudden movements. We have a long history of rising to the occasion in challenging environments, and I know we will do the same in this situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about coronavirus or need assistance, please reach out to your manager or HR partner. We are a team and it’s our job to support each other, especially in uncertain times.

Thank you for all you do.