Importance of Time Card Attestation

Hi Team:

As you know, we all have a personal responsibility to act ethically when doing our jobs and making decisions.  This means that we expect every employee to do the right thing, for the right reasons, every day.  One way that our hourly employees can do the right thing is to make sure that they are accurately and correctly recording all hours worked.

How do you know that you’ve accurately recorded all hours worked?  The Company’s timekeeping system can help you.  It uses what is called a “time card attestation process,” which allows you to review your punch times and confirm they are accurate.  You probably have noticed that when you punch out at the end of the day (or week, depending on your timekeeping device), you are asked to certify that:

  • your punch times have been accurately recorded;
  • you have taken the required meal period(s); and
  • you understand that you are prohibited from working “off the clock” (performing any work that is not reported on your timesheet) and you have not worked “off the clock.”

Please be sure to think through these questions when they appear on your timekeeping device and double-check your punch times to confirm that they are accurate.  If you have concerns about whether your punch times have been correctly recorded, please reach out to your supervisor or HR partner.  They will promptly address any reported mistakes regarding your time records.

Thank you for doing your part to make sure that your hours are accurately recorded by completing the time card attestation process.  This ensures that you are paid for all hours worked.  And, as you know, paying employees for all hours worked is an important priority for the Company.