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Huntington Beach Driver a Good Samaritan to Injured Resident

Driver PJ M. was on his route when he saw a resident laying on her walkway/porch area waving for help. She had a severe cut on her forehead and it was apparent she had fallen and could not get back up. PJ stopped his truck and rushed over with towels so pressure could be applied to stop the bleeding. He called 911 and they asked him to remain with her and to engage her in conversation to keep her conscious.

PJ remained with this resident until the paramedics arrived and made sure to keep a dialogue going. He learned that she was a retired doctor with over 40 years of service. When the paramedics arrived, they transported her to the hospital.

“PJ is a great example of what it is to be a helpful, caring citizen and community advocate. We are very proud of his commitment to serve, no matter the circumstance!” said Dan C., General Manager.

We are so proud of what our drivers do in the communities we serve. Thank you, PJ!