How Much Do You Know About Cardboard Recycling?

Shipping boxes are piling up in homes across the country because of the explosive growth in e-commerce this year. According to a recent Washington Post article titled, How Big Cardboard is Handling the 2020 Box Boom, between June and October of 2020, box shipments set an industry record each month.

With boxes abound, it’s important to know the basics of recycling cardboard boxes and the inside packing materials. Recycling boxes provides new fiber to make new paper products and uses less raw material and energy.

Keep in mind these cardboard recycling tips, provided by

Is it clean and dry? If cardboard is clean, break it down flat and place it in your recycling bin. If it’s soiled, toss it. If it’s cleanable, in the case of a milk or juice carton, rinse and recycle.

Is it mixed with other materials? When you get a box on your doorstep full of your online shopping spree items, it’s also full of packing materials. Reuse the packing materials or toss them in your waste container. (Plastic wrap can be recycled at drop off locations found at many retail stores that accept other film plastic like plastic bags.)

Feel good. Recycling right feels good! Give yourself a pat on the back for being a recycling superstar!

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