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Help Fellow Employees by Donating to the Employee Relief Fund

When disaster strikes, the Employee Relief Fund (ERF) is there to help. The employee-funded program provides financial assistance to Republic Services employees in times of need due to severe weather events or fires. The program provides monetary support for expenses such as temporary housing, clothing, food, and other needs that may arise when faced with emergency situations. The Employee Relief Fund’s Condolence Support Program also provides a one-time monetary contribution to your beneficiary should you pass.

Since 2019, the Employee Relief Fund has helped ~550 employees, 90% of whom are frontline employees, in 38 states during their time of need. Through employee donations, we further our commitment to being good neighbors, Human-Centered, and helping our fellow employees in their time of need. Every dollar matters and goes directly to support our employees, so please consider donating.

Southeast Container Shop Supervisor – House Fire:
“Within days of our house burning (total loss), we had spent almost every penny in our bank accounts on essentials and food. The Employee Relief Fund gave us a sense of comfort and support that was desperately needed at a time when we felt completely lost and did not know what our next step was to be.”

How You Can Help
Through our Employee Giving Program, you can help make a difference at a critical time in someone’s life. The Republic Services Employee Relief Fund is available to all active full-time and part-time employees.

Contributing through payroll deduction is quick and simple. Donors can set up recurring payroll deductions, which take the contribution amount from every paycheck, or they may set up a one-time contribution, taken either from their paycheck or a credit card.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and wildfires can happen at any time. Please consider donating to the Employee Relief Fund. For more information, visit the Employee Relief Fund SharePoint site here.

About the Employee Relief Fund
The Republic Services Employee Relief Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization that was established in 2005 to assist our employees in times of need. The program consists of contributions from employees, that in turn, are granted to colleagues when they need it most. Whether it’s assistance after a severe weather event, fire, or employee death, we’re here to help during your time of need. Learn more about the Fund’s Condolence and Disaster Support Programs here.