Grandson Follows in his Grandfather’s Footsteps at Republic Services

Tyler C. is a Helper in Corsicana, TX, and in just a few short months of working at Republic, he’s already a fan favorite on his route. One of our residential customers in the Fullerton Garrity Park neighborhood recently wrote a glowing Facebook post about the little things Tyler does on the job that make a big difference.

The customer has two boys who LOVE garbage trucks and are always on the lookout on trash day for Republic’s big blue truck to stop at their curb.

“Anytime Tyler sees them watching, he makes a point to wave at them until he moves to the next house, tells us hi and to have a nice day and really seems to get that some kiddos really enjoy watching the whole process of a trash truck. He seems to enjoy his job and interacting with people, and the boys look forward to seeing him each week now.” (To read the full post, click here.)

Tyler started with the Company in January and wasn’t expecting kids to be so excited about our trucks. “It makes our day better seeing how happy they get to see us,” Tyler said.

“It’s great when we have our customers recognize the work and effort our people are giving every day - and doing it with a smile. Tyler has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with,” said Scott H., General Manager.

Tyler works in the same facility as his grandfather, James A., who is a Shop Tech with 10 years of service with Republic. While James works nights and Tyler works days, they usually see each other at shift change. James knew Tyler would be a good addition to the team and recommended Republic as a great place to work. “I am very proud of Tyler,” James said.

Thank you to both Tyler and James!