Going Above and Beyond in Las Vegas, NV

Residential Driver Juan L. goes above and beyond to make trash day extra special for a young boy and his family on his route. Here’s an excerpt from a thank you letter written by customer Jessica T. that recognizes Juan’s excellent service.

Over the past year Juan has become not just the man who picks up our recycling, but a friend to us. In December 2018 when we moved in and started waving from our window, Juan always honked and waved, which would make my son's day. By February 2020, we had progressed to waving from our yard. One day Juan hopped out and introduced himself, and my son could talk of nothing else that whole week. He had met his hero! Since then, we look forward to seeing Juan and getting to know him through our small chats. He has become a friend to me as well as my son.  

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, so we were very grateful to be able to see a friendly face and have some sort of happy consistency every week. Juan always makes sure we are doing ok and that we are well. I can tell he really cares. Even on the weeks when we are gone, we know he was there because our can is pulled into our driveway. A kind gesture to say that he missed us.

One of our joys in seeing Juan is watching him work. My son and I are always impressed with how quickly he can do our whole street and how nimbly he can maneuver such a large vehicle up and down cul-de-sacs and around cars. My son says Juan is the best driver he knows!  

Juan goes above and beyond what is required of him. He is excellent at his work, and we love seeing him. We are grateful for the service you as a company provide to the community, and we are grateful for the happiness your employee gives to us.



“Juan is BU445 Driver of the Year nominee - so it’s great to see his nomination is well deserved.”

- Staci G., Human Resources Manager