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Go Team! Mid-Atlantic Area Wins Step Challenge

Even with the record-breaking temperatures across the country, employees came out in force for the Summer Stride Step Challenge, ending July 17. While every Area did well in the heat, the Mid-Atlantic Area wiped the sweat from their brow and maintained pace to win the Summer Stride Step Challenge! Rounding out the top three are the Great Lakes Area and the Southwest Area. Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge and walked their way to Rally Rewards!

Final Standings:

Mid-Atlantic Area with an average of 46.0 miles

Great Lakes Area with an average of 37.6 miles

Southwest Area with an average of 30.2 miles

Republic Services cares about you and your family’s health and wellness. That’s why we offer programs and resources to help you live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Employees and their spouses who are enrolled in any Republic Services benefits plan and are enrolled with Rally are eligible to earn rewards. To get started, login to and click the Rally tile.