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GM Sharon M. Featured in Waste 360: Why Some Women Drive Trash Trucks

Waste 360 recently highlighted General Manager Sharon Mann’s success in filling positions for drivers with women in Baton Rouge, LA. Her division runs 142 routes a day and has 65 female drivers.. In the article, Mann says that it wasn’t always easy to find drivers, much less women, but the turnaround began just over 15 years ago, after she got creative on the recruitment front.

“I was at my son’s school one day waiting in the carpool line and got out and started handing my cards out to bus drivers in the parking lot.

A lot of them were women, and of course they had their commercial driver’s license. They understand the dynamics of how to operate trucks and were operating in the same neighborhoods where we serve residential customers. They came and applied. We hired a few and, ever since, these women recruit each other,” Mann says.

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