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GM Justin D. Talks New Initiatives in Sustainability

General Manager Justin D. joined the Fort Wayne, Indiana Rotary Club to discuss Republic Services’ new initiatives in sustainability to repurpose food waste and methane – and shrink customers’ carbon footprint.

“We are no longer a waste and recycling company,” said Justin. “We are an environmental services company.”

Justin told Rotary Club members about Republic’s new Otay Solar-Powered Compost Facility in Chula Vista, CA, as an example of how Republic is committed to increasing the recycling and circularity of key materials like organics from the waste stream.

“The facility uses reclaimed city water and is completely off the grid,” Davis said. “So not only is it not contributing to climate change and utility use through electricity, it is reducing green waste as well.”

The Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly published an article on Justin’s Rotary Club presentation. To read the full article, click here.