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Get to Know Technician Thomas D.: “Maintenance Leads the Way!”

Republic Services appreciates everything our Maintenance teams do. Without them, our fleet wouldn’t run as efficiently as it does!

In honor of Maintenance Awareness Month, we are happy to spotlight Lead Mechanic Thomas D. in Rahway, New Jersey. Thomas was nominated by his manager, Joe A., and took some time to answer a few questions for us!

How long have you been a mechanic and how did you get into the industry?

I’ve been working as a mechanic for seven years. Diesel Mechanic primarily, but I have been working on cars and trucks my entire life! One of the earliest memories I have was of my father and I rebuilding a 1970 Chevelle when I was about 12. We also worked on our own dirt bikes and quads for far longer than that!

What’s your favorite truck/piece of equipment to work on?

My favorite piece of equipment to work on has to be any truck with a vacuum pump on it. Power Vacs/Liquid Vacs. The vacuum pump itself is a beautiful, strong, and necessary piece of our trucks and the simplicity, yet functionality of the device, is marvelous to me.

Are you looking forward to the EVs rolling out in the coming years?

I believe we are always looking forward to the new trucks and to the updated systems that they bring. It gives us an opportunity to learn a little more and see the advancements we have made in our industry! Maintenance leads the way!

Be sure to thank a local maintenance member this month for all they do to keep our fleet running!