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Genuine Care of Customers in Springfield, IL

Every week on Blue Nation Online, we share stories of employees going above and beyond in the communities they serve. At the heart of these stories is something we call Customer Zeal.

Customer Zeal is taking ownership to create a great customer experience. Republic believes we can build lasting relationships with our customers by showing them that they’re at the center of everything we do.

A great example of this is a story out of Springfield, IL. Barb has been a customer of ours for 30-plus years and has always befriended the drivers on her route. “Every driver I have spoken to that has been on her route has nothing but the best things to say about Barb. As almost every week she comes outside to talk with the driver about things going on in the world today or in each other’s general lives. She almost always has a special treat for the driver, most often some sort of homemade baked goods like cookies, brownies, cake and pies. And almost always gives the driver a bulk pan or two for the entire Division to enjoy. And I must say, everyone enjoys Barb’s baking,” says Eric B., Operations Supervisor.

When Barb’s current driver Kyle S. learned that she was facing some unexpected expenses, Division 4352 chipped in to lend a helping hand. “After all of Barb’s generosity over the years there was no way, we couldn’t do something for her in this situation, so as a team we pulled together,” Eric said. Last week, Kyle presented Barb with a gift and thank you card for all she has done over the years.

“As GM, I am truly impressed and proud to be a part of this team of employees in Springfield. What a way to take action and give back to this loyal and dedicated customer as a team without even giving this a second thought,” said Dan W.

Way to go, Springfield Team, for your role in promoting Customer Zeal!