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From Coast to Coast, Republic Services Celebrated Veterans Day in Style

This Veterans Day, Republic Services’ employees came together to honor and celebrate our over 4,600 Veteran employees.

Encouraged by the V.A.L.O.R. Business Resource Group’s Veterans Day contest, Area teams showcased incredible dedication and creativity to support the competition’s goal of honoring every single Veteran who wears the Republic logo every day.

From heartwarming tributes on LinkedIn to Business Units supporting community improvement projects, employees came out in force to ensure that Veterans Day was not just a date on the calendar but a meaningful acknowledgment of service and sacrifice.

In the weeks leading up to and following Veterans Day, employees contributed to over 1,000 social media posts, highlighting over 100 events nationwide. While every Area had great representation in the contest, the Great Lakes Area set the bar high and earned the 2023 charitable donation prize of $10,000 from the V.A.L.O.R. BRG.

“Putting this contest together was one of the more admirable projects I have had the honor to work on in a professional setting. It is important to make Veterans know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they made to defend our great Nation. Seeing so many Veterans highlighted by their current leaders and peers was something I will never forget. As a Veteran myself, I was proud of how the entire Republic team went above and beyond to make this Veterans Day memorable.” 

― Timothy A. Area Post Collection Manager and V.A.L.O.R. Networking Leader and Veterans Day Contest Co-Leader from the Midwest Area.

Do you want to help V.A.L.O.R. build on their Veterans Day momentum? If so, click here to join!