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Fleetio Integration for Environmental Services

Fleet and asset management is vital to our teams. Our Environmental Solutions division used to rely on outdated maintenance programs and Excel spreadsheets, which were unsustainable and made collaboration difficult. As the team expanded through acquisitions and development, it became clear that we needed a primary maintenance and asset management tracking system across our Environmental Solutions division.

Fleetio was the perfect choice for our Environmental Solutions team to manage their assets. Fleetio simplifies operations and makes communication between fleet managers, drivers and technicians easier. It has a user-friendly interface that makes things simple to understand and use.

Fleetio supports our Environmental Solutions assets by linking directly with our telematics system for rolling stock and heavy equipment. It even includes features for scheduling preventative maintenance, managing parts inventory, creating work orders, and retaining maintenance records necessary for compliance and fleet standardization. We rely on Fleetio to help us maintain high levels of performance across our assets to provide exceptional service to our customers.

With Fleetio, Environmental Solutions has taken a giant step towards achieving its 100% asset management goal. Since January 4, 2023, three pilot locations have been processing work orders through the platform, and by June 1, the Fleetio implementation team had already uploaded almost 7,700 assets. The team’s commitment to continuous training on Fleetio, starting in 2024, will help them work towards Republic’s 5-Star Performance metrics for the Environmental Solutions division.

Below is our dedicated Fleetio Team traveling to support Fleet Ops!