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Fleet Trucking Safety Initiative Drives Change

Together for Safer Roads has announced the launch of the Fleet Trucking Global Safety Standards Initiative. This world-wide undertaking will develop a set of shared fleet trucking safety standards and will work to save thousands of lives over the next several years.

With safety being Republic’s #1 value, this initiative aligns with our goal of keeping our colleagues and our communities safe. With one of the nation’s largest fleets on the road every day, it’s imperative that safety drives every decision we make. “On any given day, we have nearly 16,000 trucks on the road, and safety remains a top concern. Republic Services is thrilled to support the Fleet Trucking Global Safety Standards Initiative to bring better information and shared standards to all fleet trucking in the U.S. and globally,” said Jim Olson, Vice President of Safety and Together for Safer Roads Board Member.

For more information on the initiative, click here to read the full American Journal of Transportation article.

Safer Roads for All

Since 2016, Republic has partnered with Together for Safer Roads, a coalition of private fleet operators committed to working together to advance road safety with a shared vision of avoiding road traffic collisions, injuries and deaths. For learn more about Together for Safer Roads’ programs and impact, click here.