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First Class Graduates from Republic Services Technical Institute

After opening in July 2021, the Republic Services Technical Institute graduated its first full class on December 17, 2021.

Our 13 graduates completed the Department of Labor certified 12-week Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship program. This tuition-free program teaches entry-level technicians basic component identification, inspection, and completing lower-level preventive maintenance.

The Technical Institute helps build a pipeline of talent and provides ongoing state-of-the-art training and support for our technicians. We’re committed to being a Great Place to Work, by investing in the development of both future and current employees, while focusing on safety and sustainability with our customer-first mindset. This industry-first program offers current employees and residents from the communities we serve an entry-level opportunity to start a career debt-free in a full-time job with competitive pay.

The graduating class was also crucial in helping us evolve our coursework and overall student experience. For that, we say thank you and congratulations!

We look forward to having you share your experience and grow with our team!

December 2021 Graduates:

Tracy B., Houston, TX
Warren E., Kingston, TN
Malinda F., Tulsa, OK
Erick G., Arlington, TX
Hector G., Portland, OR
Sevbestian H., Cincinnati, OH
Justin J., Clinton, N.J

Jada K., Winder, GA
Jaeden M., Corpus Christi, TX
Mayrwise M., Denver, CO
Matthew M., Tampa Bay, FL
Darius P., Fort Mill, SC
Michael W., Nashville, TN