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FEMA Reservists Gabriel and Meosha Help with Hurricane Idalia Recovery

Severe weather and other natural disasters can have catastrophic impacts on communities. After Hurricane Idalia struck Florida last month, Field Project Manager Gabriel G. and Environmental Manager Meosha E. stepped up to help as FEMA reservists. By giving their time to help survivors in their time of need, they are graciously showing what it means to live our values of Committed to Serve, Environmentally Responsible and Human-Centered.

“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of EHP (Environmental and Historical Preservation) with FEMA. Being a FEMA reservist is a fast-paced way to make a real impact on survivors’ lives as they are rebuilding after devastation. As a young, rising professional, I’m always eager to learn new skills and be engaged in active projects,” Gabriel says.

FEMA reservists travel, receive training, build professional networks, and support survivors and communities during disasters. They work on an on-call basis and likely need to travel to communities on short notice. “My time with FEMA has helped me acquire amazing technical skills and knowledge on environmental laws and regulations”

Meosha summed it up beautifully “Be a helping hand if you’re capable. You never know when you may need a hand one day.”

It’s because of caring individuals like Gabriel and Meosha that we continuously deliver on our promise of Sustainability in Action.