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Father, Son Team Go Above & Beyond in Brazil, IN

Driver Gary B. and his son and helper Baylee came across an elderly woman who had fallen in her front yard. Without hesitation, the pair stepped in to help her up and back to the house. The woman had struggled after falling but knew if she waited, Gary and Baylee would be there soon since they never miss her cart!

When asked about how this all transpired, Gary says, “We didn’t do anything special, that’s just how you should treat people.”  In fact, the only way the Brazil team learned of this act of kindness was a neighbor calling in to report the good deed to make sure they got recognized.

“At a moment of great need for our customer, Gary and Baylee stepped in to help and never expected recognition for it.  This level of service, compassion and humility is second nature.  We are lucky to have them on our team and appreciate them always going above and beyond for our customers!” –General Manager Ben P.

Gary has been a driver in the industry for more than 30 years and Baylee has been following in his father’s footsteps from a young age.

Thank you to Gary and Baylee, for going above and beyond to help others and exemplifying our Company’s values.