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Family is Touched by Kind Employees in St. Augustine, FL

A customer was recently so moved by the kindness of Driver Annette W. and Temp Helper Michael L. that she wrote a letter to Republic Services commending this dynamic duo. She wrote:

“My family and I live in St. Augustine, Florida, and had such a special experience this afternoon. My 5-year-old son was so excited, waving when he saw the Republic Services truck. The drivers stopped, handed him gloves, and let him ‘help’ them. They handed him $5 for his ‘work’ and wished our family a great day. Needless to say, it made my son’s entire day so special and he beamed with pride! Republic’s staff are clearly some of the best and have big hearts. Thank you!”

A big shout out to Annette and Michael for embracing a Customer Zeal mindset by providing exceptional customer service and making a difference in your community.

“This is such a great story and it truly represents the entire Team at Division 3607,” said Bill B., General Manager.